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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage

Did you know?

Top performing food and beverage manufacturers modernize their business systems through ERP software, which helps them standardize processes, identify gaps and shortages and promote efficiency.

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As a CEO/Business Owner,

Maintain visibility on product inventory and track and update the food production process to help reduce waste.

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As a CFO/Accountant,

Adhere to regulatory changes that require compliance and new technology solutions.

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As a CIO/IT Director,

Increase efficiency in the supply chain by using software that consistently and accurately monitors inventory levels and fulfillment rates.

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Sales Order Processing

Automate the sales ordering process to improve customer service, control fulfillment and invoicing, and minimize shipping and labour costs. Track quotes, orders, back orders, invoices and allow discounts per item and partial shipments. Enable quicker sales with suggested items that offer upsell opportunities and substitutions for items that out of stock.


Bill of Materials

Increase productivity with fast, flexible tracking of components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing and similar production and assembly operations.


Inventory Control

Monitor inventory stock levels and costs, and set prices on a customer-by-customer basis to stay competitive, speed fulfillment and build loyalty. Inventory control provides multiple costing methods, tiered pricing, alternate vendors, and serial/lot tracking for selling items more efficiently.


Web and Mobile Time and Expense Management System (Moniroo)

Our Time and Expense Management System for Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you manage your costs, schedules your resources and overall make decisions easily and efficiently.


Dynamic Allocation (Moniroo)

Allows for a timely allocation for sales orders/order fulfillment


Wave Picking (Moniroo)

Allows you to do order fulfillment for multiple orders at once and organize orders by a defined criteria



Bar Code Scanning (Moniroo)

Use an RF scanner to manage inventory in Moniroo


Beretta Farms

Beretta Farms
WebSan was hired by Beretta to replace BOSS and QuickBooks with Microsoft Dynamics to fully integrate two disparate systems to ensure efficiency and accuracy of reporting.

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